Dumbphone revival | Hints and tips


Though persistently developing into a renewed commercial success through the past three years, featurephone revival has been at least scarcely divulged. Related news hardly started to pop up in the media in the first quarter of the present year. Notwithstanding the delay, opinion and analysis articles haven’t stopped to undo the silence around the so largely unreported phenomenon.

Dumbphone devices global come back, however, might have been surely enough exposed and studied much more in advance. It’s widely acknowledged nowadays that the internet searches have been clearly announcing a rising interest in them for three years in a row since 2018. From online search indexes studies early performed, the featurephone revival could have been openly payed attention to quite before.

As a matter of fact, there’s a direct proportionality between a commercialized article’s popularity, shown through its being searched in the media, and its sales results. Thus, online search analyses provide reliable indicators on which sales rate predictions are commonly based.



Another complementary indicator of an article becoming fashionable and stylish, and therefore solidly expected to be successfully sold, is the frequency at which it’s mentioned, shown and commented about on popular websites. Specially those ones followed by crowds that once having learned the news give likes and resend them on to contacts multiplicating thus the messagge’s power of reach. We’re aware of online spots reaching millions in just some minute’s time which certainly is a characteristic prerogative of the digital age.

Dumbphone was no to be the exception to the rule. Their online presence was increasingly gaining them popularity while being featured in all kinds of social media communications.

Following the fashionable trend, feature phone sales results have been largely arousing among a non restricted range of users. A good deal of popular internet communicators, aiming their messaging contents to vastly different sectors of public, have very much to do with it.



The process by which the phenomenon evolves from the two sources, of (not intended / intended) publicity and public’s interest, is hard to trace and therefore to explain. Discussions over it may be endless. They are complicated enough to dissuade us from intending its resolution as long as, for instance, any hypothesis for which of both playing factors is to be considered the first in time, or more relevant during the phenomenon’s development, would not probably have reliable conclusions.

The relevant thing is one of the social media’s main attributes consists in presently reflecting people’s actual interests and wishes. Further considerations on which or when, how or why they were generated are, in our opinion, aimless.

In this way, by using our media resources, we are constantly leaving a most valuable trace: that of our preferences. As a global result actual fashion and popularity are instantly mirrored in there where we spend our browsing sessions.



Far from attempting to add complexity to a sufficiently complicated issue by exposing an interminable list of probable implications, we think it smarter to reduce them as far as possible. The bigger simplification the better is our motto. We’ll therefore proceed this way on the belief that cause to such unforeseen facts frequently have much to do with common sense reasons rather than elaborated ones.

Otherwise, such a variety of plausible related sectors and the multiplicity of interactions among them, could conceal the fact’s roots from the analyst’s eye. Just common sense and simplification favor the case’s proper range delimitation in order to trace the causes to the sales behaviour’s alteration.

As clear as day, the phone market is lately registering a trend modification in which, by the act of making a deliberate decision, more and more consumers are consciously choosing to reintroduce a brand-new featurephone in their lives.


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